Weekends are always those times when everyone on our team suddenly goes turbo and we move forward a lot. It can sometimes even look like if we were dead during the week as we don’t really want to take away too much of the little free time we have left. This weekend was no different […]


I have always wondered why all of the small studios went to coffee shops for meetings. Now, after taking such a trip I must say it an incredibly effective way to have meetings. Unlike restaurants people do not eat which leaves a lot of space for other things and people can talk without having full […]


As I looked around other blogs of game devs for inspiration or just fun, I found out people are good, like, really good. While I can have problems with putting in a simple particle effect for a player. I guess it’s also a quality of this blog… A sort of an insight into what a […]

Details and slow development

School is a major hurdle to get over if you have a hobby. Yes work is even worse, I can imagine that, but still it is bad either way. This has slowed the game down a lot of times including this week. Along with making essays and exploring abandoned german bunkers, little work on the […]


I have made a few games before, but this is probably the first one I am properly commited to finish since I am not the only person working on it and everybody wants to see it finished. I would say it doesn’t have the best pixel art it could have or that it doesn’t really […]

Journey begins!

So here I am… An amateur programmer with some time on his hands during sleepless bedtime… Yes, I should be doing something else, but why not try this instead? It has always been my passion exploring new things since I could stand on my feet. So let me jump straight into introductions! I am a […]