Details and slow development

School is a major hurdle to get over if you have a hobby. Yes work is even worse, I can imagine that, but still it is bad either way. This has slowed the game down a lot of times including this week. Along with making essays and exploring abandoned german bunkers, little work on the game was done.
One of our artists tried to make a flag design and I played around with some code to polish a few objects.


Details are often quite important for a game since they add a lot to the life of the game. The most important ones for me in a platformer are the ones in the backround, but also the relatively unimportant ones like dust under a running character. What our game lacks is a proper live backround which would really set a certain atmosphere. We hope to achieve this feel with torches and other decorations.


The darker walls and torches would definitely add a nice feel to the game but achieving this with regular pixelart will be a tough challenge.
See you tommorrow and feel free to ask or just make a note on this!


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