I have made a few games before, but this is probably the first one I am properly commited to finish since I am not the only person working on it and everybody wants to see it finished. I would say it doesn’t have the best pixel art it could have or that it doesn’t really have much gameplay, but it is my game and it is more of a learning experience for me than just a project I need to finish.

Testing corridor graphics

We already came a long way with our little game project so there is something to it, but there is still a long way for us to finish it. So what kind of game is it? It is a platformer called Unchained set in 5 instances each with its own graphics. It is generaly set in medieval age with light influences from steampunk for some of the traps and machines. The story is about a captured evil knight trying to get out of a dungeon, but more on that later, it is a little more extensive than that.

So that’s the game for you! I hope you see atleast a little bit of potential in it. 🙂


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